Geothermal and Solar Heating

Energy-Efficient Geothermal and Solar Heating and Cooling Units

Renewable Energy Options for Your Home or Office

Green, efficient power sources for the future include geothermal and solar energy. Harness solar energy today and save on your utility bills with a new geothermal unit installed in your home or business by the professionals at Certified Inc.

The earth keeps the solar energy at 45 to 70 degree Fahrenheit, meaning that this energy is readily available for both heating and cooling needs. We offer 24/7 emergency heating and cooling services.
Solar Heating and Cooling Services

Get Government Tax Credits and Deductions With Solar Heating and Cooling Services

Take advantage of tax credits and deductions on installing a geothermal unit on your property. Apart from that, you'll also get up to 30% off the cost of installing a new Energy Star-rated geothermal or solar heating and cooling system. By installing a geothermal unit, you'll not only keep the environment healthy but also save on your utility bill.
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